hi, i'm

vagabond sun

(aka mordecai midas)

who i am

I'm an undead dark elf, autodidact philosopher and arty/techy jack-of-all-trades based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. I consider alterhuman activism my primary vocation, but I'm up to my elbows in like five different projects at any given time. Things I am currently doing outwith Alt+H include:

  • Building a constructed language inspired by my experience with a psychotic-spectrum disorder
  • Picking up miscellaneous pieces of formal education in philosophy
  • Writing discord bots, twitter bots, software for pagans and web apps for otherkin
  • Producing homebrew content for a number of tabletop systems
  • Developing websites like the one you're reading now

My background is in video game development and my future (hopefully) lies in applied humanities. I will probably continue to amass increasingly niche and bizarre hobbies until I die in some freak accident involving them all.

where you can find me

email - jacadrach@pm.me
mastodon - @vagabondsun@a.weirder.earth